Here at Highly Touted Sports, we are all about transparency and integrity. We follow strict rules when it comes to sports handicapping, and we have developed these rules over our experiences in the last 20 years.

We will never, nor have ever, claimed to be “the best” sports handicappers in the world. Nor will you find unrealistic and made up ROI numbers about how we are hitting at 86%. Frankly, any touts who spread this kind of message are simply selling you and are unlikely to hit such a number.

If you want to work with us, we feel it’s best that you understand who you’re working with, and there is no better way to u nderstand this than by knowing our key philosophies of sports gambling.

Less is more

Our success stems from our failures. We are human, just like you. We like to think we know it all and have a beat on a particular league. And yes, hot streaks do happen, but we have learned over the years that betting fewer games lets to consistent profits.

While I would like to go 15-0 every day during baseball season, its just not realistic. Choosing one to three games max is a good zone that we like to stay in. Not only that, we often step back and skip days where we don’t make any plays at all. Betting every day just sets the table for losing over the long run. If you’re looking for 10 winners per day, you won’t find it here. And anyone telling you to bet that many games in a day is not worth your time or money.

Stick with what we know

We concentrate on just a few sports. Honestly, there are only two handicappers here at HTS, myself included. Personally, I focus on MLB and the NFL. My colleague and cousin focus on NCAAF mainly, some NBA, and even some WNBA. Yes, even women’s basketball has nuances that you can exploit as a bettor. But remember, less is more. We are picking just one to a few games when we break down the slate, and we don’t bet every day.

We stick with what we know. Any site or individual handicapper claiming to pick winners in 10 different sports should be a red flag in and of itself.

Pay as you go

Yes we change for picks. But forget weekly, monthly, and season packages. You may not want to stick with us and frankly, we may not want to stick with you. Some bettors ask us about picking winners on a handful of additional games that we advise they lay off. If you’re looking for action on anything that moves, we won’t be a good fit.

We focus on just a game or two or three. We bet what we give out. We offer daily picks for a flat fee. Pay one day, and skip the next day. You’re never locked in with us. Plus it can’t hurt to try us once with no commitments other than a one-day fee.

Our one-day fee consists of at least 1 pick (obviously). But could contain up to 3 or more picks depending on the day and the time of year when multiple sports leagues are playing at the same time. The point is you’ll get value with your daily fee.

In order to win, you have to lose a bunch.

I’m not here to be BS you. The reason I got good at sports handicapping was from losing most of my young life. Betting lazily, betting on ego, betting parlays and betting favorites are just some practices that led me down the road of most handicappers find themselves on: Losing consistently. But I was determined to learn from my mistakes and began looking at sports betting from a completely different perspective. I began betting fewer games, betting underdogs, fading the public and more. But most importantly, I zeroed in on the statistical categories and data that mattered the most in sports and ignored the rest of the noise that doesn’t matter.

We are happy you’re here, and we hope you stay. 

Honestly, I hope you stick around for a while. And if you do it’s because we are making you money. But we aren’t so full of ourselves that we expect you to hang on to every pick we make. Which is why you pay as you go. Do you need a winner? Today is the day for you, purchase a daily package and see what we can do for you. If you want to come back the next day, or the next week, or even next year, that’s fine too. We will be here doing what we do. But just know that we put a lot of time and effort into each pick we make, picks that we ourselves bet on, So you can be sure you’re getting the best out of us.

Why do we do what we do?

There is a common thought among sports bettors that we have all asked ourselves. “If you’re so good at picking winners, why do you need to sell your picks?” It’s a legitament question and the answer is multifaceted….

1. Becasue I love what I do and I like to share my knowledge. I like to help others. Why is it so hard to beleive that people like to help others succeed? I get it, the world can be a selfish place, but the public rarely wins and I am driven on helping others succeed in the world of sports bettings.

2. Even with many new mobile sports etting apps to choose from, these sportsbooks are putting limits on bettors like ourselves. Our service is just another aenuie for us to getnerate an income when the books limit our picks. If we can’t bet them, we want you to, and when you win, we win.

3. Its my passion, my life. This may seem a bit redundant from #1, but I spenc most of my time looking at sports data and statisitics. Not onlty am I studying uocioming mathcuos, I spend a lo t fo time studying oast games and the odds, to determine the facotrss at play which reusilted int eh winning side. Why dhoulnt I get paid for my knowdlege? Some people write books, or sell informational packages, we sell our sports picks backed by our reaseach and knowlweve, Its a busines model.

4. We have skin in the game. We dont ask a lot of money for our dailuy pickcs. ANd we dont lock you in with monthy or yearly packages. This means we ahve one chane to win your busiiness. We want to win for you just as badly as we want to win for outselves. If we lose, chances are you wont be back. We have all the reasons in teh world to give out solid sports picks to keep you coming back for more winners.